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The Voice

IABC Ottawa’s Premier Programming for Marketers, Communications, and Creative Advertisers Everywhere

IABC Ottawa’s premier podcast for marketers, communicators and creative advertisers. Join hosts Tina Barton, Sherrilynne Starkie, Angela Prokopiak and Gabriela Warrior Renaud as they provide expert insights and practical tips with the help of some of North America’s leading marketing professionals.

Mar 29, 2012

Last episode The Voice drilled down on the pros and cons of mobile apps within the context of marketing communications campaigns. This week, Graham Machacek continues to explore the topic with a focus on Facebook apps. Find out what to consider before you build one and the implications of Facebook Timeline. This week's special guests are Steve Shock and Nicolas GrĂ©goire-Racicot, Director of Interactive and Strategist at McMillan agency, respectively. CLICK HERE to access slides that accompany this podcast. Connect with our host and guests: @grahamxperience, @shockandco and @NickRacicot.