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The Voice

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IABC Ottawa’s premier podcast for marketers, communicators and creative advertisers. Join hosts Tina Barton, Sherrilynne Starkie, Angela Prokopiak and Gabriela Warrior Renaud as they provide expert insights and practical tips with the help of some of North America’s leading marketing professionals.

Mar 5, 2014

This week on The Voice our host Tina Barton sits down with Jim Sterne, Founder of the eMetrics Summit and Chairman of the Digital Analytics Association after his talk at the IABC event The Evolution of Communication, which happened last Thursday.

Jim reviews how delivering marketing messages has changed over time, how marketers must adjust their budget distribution to accommodate the shift from one-to-many communication to many-to-many communication, and how analytics have become part of the corporate communications lexicon. He also discusses measuring the value of the Internet as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships.

Tina ends the conversation by sharing with listeners her latest discovery: Jim Sterne‚Äôs rendition of I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General as Modern Data Analyst. We ended the episode with a sample of this song, here is the full video.

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