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The Voice

IABC Ottawa’s Premier Programming for Marketers, Communicators, and Creative Advertisers Everywhere

IABC Ottawa’s premier podcast for marketers, communicators, and creative advertisers. Join hosts Sarah Turnbull and Sherry Aske as they provide expert insights and practical tips with the help of some of North America’s leading marketing professionals.

Sarah Turnbull is a media professional based in Ottawa. She currently writes and produces for CTV News’ parliamentary bureau. Prior to this, Sarah helped launch a national podcast network under the banner of The 2020 Network, which hosted five shows focused on policy and current affairs.

Sherry Aske is a digital storyteller, podcast host, and former CBC Ottawa producer and journalist. She's now working as a communications and social media advisor for the public service.

Sep 25, 2012

CBC's Under the Influence host Terry O'Reilly dishes essential intel on the fundamental changes taking place in consumer behaviour and what it means for advertisers, marketers and communicators everywhere. Also -- Is anyone off limits when it comes to advertising? What’s the role of love and religion in the realm of...

Sep 18, 2012

President of MediaStyle and The Voice sponsor, Ian Capstick, sits down with IABC Ottawa's Graham Machacek and Kelly Rusk to discuss the ideas presented during the latest series of The Voice: News media and Storytelling in the Digital Age.

This three-part series featured hosts from Ontario and Canada's largest news...

Sep 11, 2012

Following the release of her latest book, Marketing in the Round, award-winning marketing professional Gini Dietrich sat down with Alexandra Reid to discuss the new push for businesses to break down organizational silos and develop a "round" approach to marketing operations. Gini explains what's going on in the world...