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The Voice

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Sherry Aske is a digital storyteller, podcast host, and former CBC Ottawa producer and journalist. She's now working as a communications and social media advisor for the public service.

Feb 28, 2018

Sherrilynne Starkie, host of the voice chats with Kelly Rusk, digital director and partner at Banfield, about her recent IABC Gold Quill Award win for a social media campaign for Export Development Canada (EDC).


In this episode we learn how Banfield helped EDC integrate social media into its marketing communication with the Ocean Rodeo campaign.


Kelly explains how social media allowed EDC speak to their clients on a different level.  They wanted to talk about why small business and entrepreneurs do what they do. Video content anchored the campaign and a smart social media strategy promoted to great effect.


Kelly also discusses industry awards and why she participates in IABC's awards programs locally, nationally and worldwide. She says, “I gain personal validation. I particularly like the IABC awards because they structure them around strategic planning.”

The campaign won an Ottawa IABC Bronze Quill Award,  IABC Canada Silver Leaf Award of Excellence as well as the IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence.

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