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Sherry Aske is a digital storyteller, podcast host, and former CBC Ottawa producer and journalist. She's now working as a communications and social media advisor for the public service.

Jan 7, 2014

This week on The Voice, our host Graham Machacek sits down with Lynne Perrault, Director of Electronic Commerce Enforcement at the CRTC and Shaun Brown, partner with nNovation LLP. Lynne and Shaun discuss how marketers can properly deliver their messaging in compliance with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.

They start by defining concepts such as spam as well as “express consent” then go on dig into ways in which communicators can market to their networks. They also touch on the penalties for violating laws and the things you can do to avoid it.

This topic is fairly complex, if you’d like more information about the different resources available, here are some examples mentioned during the episode:
- General information about CASL can be found at fight
- Resources from nNovation LLP, like PrivacyScan and the Canadian e-Marketing Law blog
- Check out Shaun Brown’s book A Complete Guide to e-Marketing under Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation
- And for some giggles, here is the clip from Monty Python mentioned by Graham at the beginning of the episode

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