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Sherry Aske is a digital storyteller, podcast host, and former CBC Ottawa producer and journalist. She's now working as a communications and social media advisor for the public service.

May 28, 2014

This week on The Voice, our host Tina Barton sits down with Mark Campbell, founding partner and CEO of VMG Cinematic, a Toronto-based digital agency that specializes in online video production and social media marketing. VMG Cinematic works with brands such as TD Bank, FedEx and Warner Bros., and organizations including Metrolinx, Waterfront Toronto and Real Estate Council of Ontario.

In this episode, Mark defines “social video” and provides some revealing statistics that highlight the importance of including video in your content strategy. He shares examples of effective content types, and offers tips for managing “go-viral” expectations. Best of all, he shares ways you can reduce your video production costs!

The episode concludes with Mark sharing his predictions for how video will continue to evolve. And remember, if you’re not creating video content for your brand, somebody else probably is…

Mark will be speaking about social video at MARCOM. (June 10 – 12 at the Ottawa Convention Centre. Register online).

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