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Feb 24, 2016

In this episode of The Voice, our host Gabriela Warrior Renaud chats with Bill Stewart, president and co-founder of terra20. They discuss terra20's vision for simplifying the sourcing of sustainable products. In their two stores in Ottawa, they have over 500 brands covering 18 different product departments.

Since 2006, Bill, Steve and the terra20 team have been collecting data from their customers, or guests, to continue to build a concept that works. Bill chats about how terra20 started by talking to the conscious consumer, but then focused their energy on the other 67 per cent of Canadians: the mainstream consumer who is interested in sustainable living but does not have access to this knowledge. By building a modern and clean experience in proximity to a store like IKEA, they would increase their chance of success.

Bill also discusses the importance of terra20's online presence not only to educate its audience, but to allow guests to purchase from the store. He discusses the importance of the website for data collection to track the path of engagement from newsletter click-throughs to online store basket purchases. Bill mentions that terra20 relies on word-of-mouth marketing, which works on a smaller budget and ensures the guest experience will be a positive one.

From a clear brand guideline to its strict sourcing methods, it seems terra20 will continue to grow and succeed. Bill chats about future plans to build another location outside of Ottawa and other national expansion opportunities.

You can learn more about terra20 via its website at

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